Traditional Southern-Italian Home Cooking with Mama Tina @ LaCasereccia Learn the secrets of authentic Southern-Italian cooking in an informal environment with Mama Tina and Papa Salvatore. This beautiful Italian couple has been preparing delicious Ischian cuisine for over 30 years using recipes that have been passed down from their parents and grandparents.

Over six days you will learn the secrets of preparing a true Italian feast from entrees and appetizers through to desserts and liqueur aperitifs.
Fresh bean and tomato bruschetta,
Melanzane Parmigiana,
Fresh pasta making: including ravioli and gnocchi;
From exotic seafood to simple tomato learn the secrets of great sauces to accompany any pasta dish; Delicious pizza making from the perfect dough to the final wood-fired result;
Learn how to make Braciola (a delicious rolled and seasoned veal cut) and Ischian Coniglio (seasoned roast rabbit) - a specialty of the Island.
Then on the final days learn a simple but delicious Tiramisu and liqueurs. Immerse yourself in the local culture visiting the food markets and selecting the freshest herbs and spices from the families garden. Classes are limited to six people and are designed for those with a passion for cooking great fresh foods.

Our Southern Italian Cooking Programme runs: March 25th to november 9th, in the month of august there are no courses available

Food Markets
Immerse yourself in the local culture visiting the food markets and selecting the freshest veggies, fruits, seafood, herbs and spices organically produced and self-caught by locals in Ischia and Naples alike. The island produces the most amazing aubergine (eggplants), tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, lemons, berries etc. Another specialty on the island to which you might take a liking is rabbit. Mamma Tina cooks up a fine rabbit, done in herbs, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. A favourite is to serve the sauce topped over a plate of buccatini pasta, followed by the meat as seconds. Something you can't leave Ischia without trying at LaCasereccia. The market in Forio is daily, 7am - 1pm. (near the post office)

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Pasta Casereccia Ischia

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The Poggio Gardens and views of Mount Epomeo

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Ristorante La Casereccia

Where the tradition of Italian cooking grows not only from the earth but also from the passion of the Colella Family who have lived on the Island of Ischia for over 200 years.
It is this heartfelt passion born out of family tradition combined with the freshest family grown produce that makes every meal a memorable one.
The Colella family welcome you to La Casereccia where delicious home cooked food is always available and their friendly family hospitality will make your dining experience unforgettable.

Private Seafront Platform

Our guests can make use of the beautiful La Rotonda sul Mare residence facilities with seafront platform, bar, pedal boat and kayas, compliments of Colella Family Hospitality.

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Learn to Make Pizza

Learn to make real Napolitan style pizza and impress your friends and family. Lorenzo will take you through step by step so you can take with you a true Ischian souvenier.

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